CASA Volunteers Join Us!

Double wonderful news at the Advocacy Network for Children! Twenty new CASA Volunteers from Hancock County and Adams County were sworn in during the month of October. Twenty! So unbelievable that when we put out the call for help, our calls are answered by people with generous hearts. We are so thankful for them. If you see them going about their daily lives, remember, you are looking at super heroes. At least, we think so.

Pictured left to right: Mandy Humphry (CASA Coordinator), Janet Thompson, Angel Morris, Judge Rodney Clark, Janet Best and Cynthia Smith.

Pictured left to right (standing row): Maria Richmiller, Brooke Hunsaker, Dusty Dietrich, Barb Hayden, Kari Kleinlein, Dawn Whitcomb, Misty Arring-ton, Ciara Rose, Anne Meyer, Hibbert and (front row seated, left to right) Brenda Wiskirchen, Jessica Jansen, Hope Audet-Williams, Judge John Wooleyhan, Kylee Straube, Brooke Stokes, and Erica Parrish. Not pictured is Cynthia Wort.

November 1st, 2018