Pike County Growing Strong

L to R: Pollee Craven, Brenda DeSpain, Judge McCartney, Tammy Booth and Karolina Anton (CASA Coordinator).

We are so lucky to have so many people in our community with such big hearts! Please high five our newest CASA volunteers in Pike County. Thank you for creating space in your hearts!







Adams County CASA Recruits More Super Heroes!

L to R:(standing): Jamie Carroll (CAC Coordinator), Carolina Casanova, Paula Bristol, Vincent Tobin, Liz Koch and Tiffany Schoenekase. L to R: (sitting): Angela York, Judge Wooleyhan and Kelly Harrison.

Welcome our new super heroes to the CASA line-up! They were sworn in today and ready to wear their super hero capes. Please tell them thank you as they go about their day and let them know our community appreciates them.


L to R: Mandy Humphry (CASA Coordinator), Patty Stevens, Carrie Steffensmeier, Dawn Owren, Terry Marler, Perry Cameron and Judge Clark.







Hancock County Adds to CASA Roster!

High five our wonderful new teammates as they take the field to speak up for abused or neglected children in court! We love having them on the team! It takes a special kind of person to go to bat for children. Make sure you tell them thank you.







L to R: Judge Tobin, Libby Gaige (CASA Coordinator), Patricia Manker, Tony Williams, Caty Kelley, Valerie Flowers, Maureen Bradish, Nadine Szczepanski

More Morgan County Super Heroes!

You might not be able to see their super hero capes with the naked eye but all of these wonderful people from Morgan County are wearing them. Thank you for stepping forward to speak up for abused or neglected children in the court system! If you know them, give them a cheer!






Morgan County CASA Continues to Grow!

Morgan County CASA is getting bigger and better every quarter.  The generosity of heart shown in Morgan County is a wonderful thing and we are so appreciative of their time and commitment to helping children. If you see them out shopping this holiday season, tell them thank you!

L to R: Danielle Woodyard (CASA Manager), Tina Vernor, Julie Brunina, Charlotte Harp, Sarah Mefford and Judge Jeffery


Morgan County CASA Has Joined the Ranks!

Last, but not least, Morgan County CASA just swore in their first group of volunteers. Can you believe how many wonderful people have joined our agency in the last couple months? Please make sure you congratulate them if you see them out and about in the Jacksonville, IL area. They might be from a small town but, boy, do they have big hearts. We are lucky to have them! 

L to R: Kathy Fellhauer, Becky Dimmick, Jacqueline McDaniel, Margaret Wilson, Penny Eilers, Libby Gaige (CASA Coordinator), Judge Tobin












Hancock County CASA Is Growing Just as Fast!

We can barely contain ourselves with all the new goodness coming through our doors! Hancock CASA has new volunteers as well! So many wonderful people are standing up and stepping forward to make a difference in out new counties. If you see them at the grocery store, school meetings or running errands, please tell them their hearts and hands are appreciated!

L to R: Judge Clark, Tami Long, Karyn Streicher, Stephanie Meyers and Mandy Humphry (CASA Coordinator)


L to R: Stephanie Meyers, Karyn Streicher, and Tami Long


























Pike County CASA Has Our Newest Volunteers!

Not to be outdone, Pike County is making history too! Pike County’s first group of CASA Volunteers were sworn in. Getting better all the time around here! If you know any of them, send them flowers or chocolates or a card and tell them how awesome they are!

Left to right: Danielle Woodyard (CASA Manager), Sam Zenner (CASA Coordinator), Kathryn Osment, Jean Flint, Judge Hooker, Crystal Baxter, Deborah Wood and Patricia Waters.












Left to right: Patricia Waters, Deborah Wood, Crystal Baxter, Jean Flint, Kathryn Osment and Sam Zenner.




















Hancock County CASA is Up and Running!

L to R: Judge Clark, Mandy Humphry (CASA Coordinator), Danielle Woodyard (CASA Manager), Karolina Anton, Donna McVeigh, Patricia Scheuermann, Bree Hartley and Elizabeth Dixon


L to R: Bree Hartley, Elizabeth Dixon, Patricia Scheuermann, Donna McVeigh, Karolina Anton and Mandy Humphry

Making history in Hancock County! Our first Hancock County CASA class was sworn in! If you see these wonderful people out and about, please give them a pat on the back, say thank you or a thumbs up! We couldn’t provide our services without them. Just in case you haven’t heard of CASA they are Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA are trained community volunteers appointed by a judge to speak up for abused or neglected children in court. CASA volunteers work alongside attorneys and social workers from case inception to its completion. 















Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) In Need of Volunteers For Its First Training in Hancock County

There are abused and neglected children in the Hancock County Court system waiting for a CASA volunteer. CASA of Hancock County, a program of Advocacy Network for Children, is recruiting its first group of volunteers for its upcoming training.

The evening training for CASA volunteers is throughout April and May concluding on May 22nd with court observation and swearing in of volunteers. Trainings will be held twice a week on Monday and Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the CASA office located in the First Baptist Church of Carthage, 601 Main Street.

CASA volunteers are trained community volunteers appointed by a judge to speak up for abused or neglected children in the court system. Volunteers receive 30 hours of training prior to case assignment. Training includes courtroom procedures, working with social service agencies and the special needs of abused and neglected children. Training is free with training manuals and materials provided. Once trained, CASA volunteers work alongside attorneys and social workers from case inception to its completion. CASA volunteers come from all walks of life and no special experience is required. These trained volunteers will represent abused and neglected children in the Hancock County court system.

For more information or to obtain an application, please call Mandy Humphry at 319-795-3714 or email


A Thousand Thank Yous to The Ladies of the Blue Knights!

A thousand thank you to the Ladies of the Blue Knights! Adams County CASA was chosen as the recipient of proceeds from the First Responders Ball. The Ball, held on September 30th at the Holiday Inn and hosted by the Ladies of the Blue Knights, is held to honor and celebrate all first responders in Adams County. This is the first year the chairing committee held a silent auction and selected a local charity to receive proceeds from the event. We would like to thank the Adams County First Responders Ball Committee for selecting our CASA program and for hosting such a fun and enjoyable evening. We would also like to thank all first responders for everything they do in our community! Appearing left to right in the photo – Lori Walbring, Linda Berry, Danielle Woodyard, Laura Beckler, Dusty Wheeler and Laura Oakman.










Three cheers to our newest CASA volunteers in Adams County!

Hip, hip hooray for our newest Adams County CASA volunteers. They were sworn in 11/06/2017 after completing their CASA training. We are excited to have all of them be a part of CASA! Tip your hats, high five them or give them a pat on the back if you see them out and about! They give their own time and energy to support children in need in our community. 

Front Row: Donna Sutton, Judge Wooleyhan and Victoria Laack

Back Row: Jessica Erickson, Vickie Mims, Karen Elliott, Bonnie Poling and Jeanne Smith










What is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Each year thousands of children fall victim to abuse, neglect or abandonment. These children become victimized and may be lost in an overburdened child welfare system. Sometimes a child can remain adrift in foster care for months or even years.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are trained community volunteers appointed by a judge to speak up for abused or neglected children in court. CASA volunteers work alongside attorneys and social workers from case inception to its completion.

CASA volunteers come form all walks of life. They have a variety of professional, educational and ethnic backgrounds. No special experience is required. Volunteers are selected on the basis of their objectivity, competence and commitment.

Once accepted, volunteers are trained in courtroom procedure, the social service and juvenile court systems, and the special needs of children who have been abused or neglected.

It takes a commitment of 10-12 hours a month to be a CASA volunteer. Although it is challenging, it is very rewarding.

Become a CASA Volunteer!

CASA Job Requirements

  • Complete the thirty-hour training program.
  • Comply with all policies and procedures of CASA of Adams, Hancock, Pike and Morgan County
  • Pass all background checks
  • Have a valid driver’s license and car insurance
  • Comply with Mandated Reporting standards

CASA Job Description

  • Serve in the best interest of the child.
  • Complete a thorough investigation of the case.
  • Maintain regular, ongoing contact of no less than once a month with the child.
  • Participate in continuing education totaling twelve hours throughout each year by attending networking and in-services.
  • Write reports for court hearings that will give an adequate description of the child, their environment, and recommendations you feel would aid in their well being and best interest.
  • Attend all court hearings.
  • Maintain complete records of all contacts and information gathered. Upon completion of the case, all records will be turned over to the CASA office.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Make contact with the assigned attorney to insure the best interest of the child are being met.
  • Monitor service plans and court orders to determine if progress is being made in the case.
  • Report any incidents of child abuse or neglect to the CASA supervisor and appropriate authorities.
  • Remain actively involved in the case until formally discharged by the court.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month.  Check out WGEM’s interview with ANC’s Executive Director, Todd Shakelford below.


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