McDonough County

Interviews for the McDonough County Children’s Advocacy Center take place at:

First Presbyterian Church
400 E Carroll
Macomb, IL 61455
(217) 617-5347

Executive Director
Todd Shackelford

CAC Coordinator
Anita Hanke

The Children’s Advocacy Center of McDonough County is part of the Hancock County CAC of Advocacy Network for Children. The Hancock CAC serves the communities of Hancock and McDonough counties in Illinois. Interview sites are located in both counties. The McDonough county interview site is located in Macomb, IL, the county seat and is a few blocks from the courthouse, State’s Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s office and the Macomb Police Department. The facility is handicapped accessible. Interview sites in each county reduce the amount of travel needed for the child and family to meet with the Multi-disciplinary Team. All case records are maintained in the Hancock County office in Carthage, IL.  The CAC Coordinator resides locally in the Hancock-McDonough county area and participates in local organizations and networks with other agencies in the community.