February Brings Love and Learning!

The month of February brings to mind love and Valentines and candy hearts. But for some people, both children and adults, no month brings those things because they are victims of trafficking. Read our monthly newsletters to learn how people may be at risk for trafficking and how to help them if you suspect trafficking.

Plus this month’s news includes the added bonus of our Year in Review for 2023.

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Agency February 2024 Newsletter

CASA February 2024 Newsletter

Year in Review 2023

February 1st, 2024

New Year, New Intentions!

The New Year always brings reflections of the past year and resolutions for the upcoming year. Let us help you set those intentions!

Did you know you can complete the CASA volunteer training online from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace? Well you can! It’s never been more convenient to learn to be a volunteer. And did you know there are ways to volunteer without committing extra time? There are! How can you make a thoughtful and caring report if you suspect child abuse or neglect? It’s easy. Did you know we’ve had a change in location in Pike County? We did! All this great news is in our newsletters!

Check out our January news below…

Agency January 2024 Newsletter

CASA January 2024 Newsletter

January 4th, 2024

December Reflections, Joyful News!

December is a wonderful month for reflection and gratitude! We’ve received so much support from our partner agencies and our communities. Read our newsletters for more information about our cooperative accomplishments this past year. Get more details on what to do if you suspect a child is being abuse or neglected in our newsletters. Volunteer opportunities are also included if you want to know how you can help next year!

Check out our December news below!

Agency December 2023 Newsletter

CASA December 2023 Newsletter

December 6th, 2023